Dear Athletes, Coaches, Judges and Families,

It is with great pleasure we invite youngsters from the trampoline world to participate in the 4th edition of the Hans Christian Andersen City Games, a multisport event, which also features a Trampoline Camp and Competition.

The aim and purpose of the Games is to gather young athletes from all over the world to have fun and learn from each other.


Leading op to the competition on Saturday there is a training camp at the Venue. Participants in the camp will be divided into groups of 30 gymnasts sharing 2 Eurotramp 4×4 Ultimate and 4 Eurotramp 4×4 mm Grand Master trampolines. Each group will have 2 sessions of 1½ hour of training pr. day maximum 5 athletes pr. trampoline. Beside the 4×4 mm trampoline, there will be instant access to 5 trampolines to a pit – 2 of them lose foam.


4th – 9th August 2015 (earlier arrival can be arranged)

Classes and compulsory routines

U 12 B, compulsory skills, born 2003 or later                        

• One skill landing on the back or front

U 12 A, compulsory skills, born 2003 or later

• Back somersault, tucked (C)                                                   

• Front somersault, piked (B) or barany, free                     

• One skill landing on the back or front

• Straddle jump

At least three (3) of the skills in the compulsory routine must have at least 270° of somersault.

U 13-14, compulsory skills, born 2001 or 2002

• Back somersault, piked (B)

• Back somersault, tucked (C)

• Barany, free

• One skill landing on the back or front

At least four (4) of the skills in the compulsory routine must have at least 270° of somersault.

U 15-16, compulsory skills, born 1999 or 2000                     

• Back somersault, piked (B)                                                      

• Back somersault, straight (A)                                                 

• Barany, free

• One skill landing on the back or front

At least six (6) of the skills in the compulsory routine must have at least 270° of somersault.

Junior, born 1998-2001

As per FIG B

U 21, compulsory skills, born 1994-1997

As per FIG A

As per FIG Code of Points 2013-2015, with the exceptions found in this invitation.

Finalists and Final

The six best competitors from the preliminaries will participate in the final. (If more than 12 athletes in a class eight will go to the final. All finals will start from zero. Time of flight and tie-breaking rules will be used.


Judges must be entered as follows:

2-10 competitors = 1 judge

11-20 competitors = 2 judges

Clubs/Federations entering competitors in any other event must bring a judge with at least a current national judge's brevet. Note that the organizer does not pay food and lodging for the judges.

The name of the judge/s must be announced with the entry form, and all changes must be reported to the organizer immediately.

Warm up / one touch

In all events there will be 30 seconds warm up per competitor immediately prior to the preliminary and final round.


The top three athletes in each event will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition there will be a participation certificate.

Low cost accommodation– included in the entry fee

As a part of the entry fee, the Hans Christian Andersen City Games offer accommodation at a school nearby the Sports hall/venue of the Trampoline event. You have to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.


The organisers have made a special arrangement with some of the hotels in Odense and can offer hotel accommodation, inclusive breakfast and free WIFI at the following prices:

Single room at DKK 540,-, Double room at DKK 650,- and triple room at DKK 750,- all prices are pr. room and pr. night. If you use this offer you can deduct EUR 30,- or DKK 250,- from the entry fee.

Accommodation at Hotel must be ordered not later than 1th July 2015

Definitive Entry 

Send your definitive entry not later than 1th June 2015

Entries received after 1th June 2015 may be accepted for an extra fee

Please notice that there is a limit of 90 athletes for the camp, based on first come first serve.

All registrations to be send by e-mail  on the entry forms.

Participation Fee

 EUR 210.00 (DKK 1,500) per participant – an early registration before 1th March 2015 reduces the price to EUR 185.00 ( DKK 1,350)

  • Participation in the Hans Christian Andersen City Games Trampoline Camp & Competition

  • Lodging at a local school (please bring your own mattress, sleeping bag etc.)

  • Breakfast Wednesday-Sunday

  • Lunch and dinner Wednesday-Saturday

  • Participation in the Parade and Opening Ceremony

  • Participation in the Garden Party in Odense Zoo

  • Participation in the Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party

  • Free local buses in Odense and special transport to and from the above evening events

It is possible just to take part in the competition on Saturday 8th August 2015. The fee for participation, including a T-shirt and access to the Farewell Party is EUR 25.00/DKK 175,00. Accommodation from Friday to Sunday and food Saturday, can be arranged on request.


Participants are offered free transportation from Odense train station to the school at which accommodation has been provided, and back on departure. Transportation to and from airports can be arranged at additional costs.

Throughout the days, participants are free to use the public transport system in Odense. The participants will be provided with an ID card that gives access to free bus transportation within the city ring.

Insurance & Visas

Insurance is compulsory and the responsibility of each participant. The Hans Christian Andersen City Games cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever.

Should you need a specified invitation to get a Visa for Denmark, please send us a list with full name, date of birth and passport number for all delegation members to the e-mail address mentioned below?